Contact Information

Contact Information

Hello there!

I am a researcher with a passion for computer graphics, computer vision and geometry processing or as I like to call it, the lights, eyes and shapes of the virtual world.

I am currently a Research Scientist at Ubisoft La Forge France where I spend my days taming neural networks to output the perfect pixels.

Before that, I spent time at Panasonic’s R&D center in Singapore, where I worked on 3D reconstruction. I completed two postdoctoral research positions, the first at Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest where I developed a fast solver for the optimal transport problem, and the second at Singapore University of Technology and Design where I dabbled in the exciting world of machine knitting. During my PhD, I studied the visibility of vertex displacement on a triangular mesh and developed a perceptual model that can predict it.

When I’m not nerding out on technical stuff, you can find me on my sofa playing video games, on the road biking and running or hiking in the mountains. I also dable in photography from time to time.

Recent Publications

2024_neural-textures thumbnail
Clément Weinreich, Louis de Oliveira, Antoine Houdard, Georges Nader
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2024)
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2023_pointcloud-registration thumbnail
Yazhou Liu, Jiang Hengyu, Georges Nader, Wu Zheng, Takrit Tanasnitikul, Pongsak Lasang
IEEE Sensors
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