Just noticeable distortion profile for flat-shaded 3D mesh surfaces

Georges Nader 1, 2 , Kai Wang 2 , Franck Hétroy-Wheeler 3 , Florent Dupont 1
1. Université de Lyon - LIRIS,    2. Université Grenoble Alpes - GIPSA-Lab,    3. Université Grenoble Alpes - LJK
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics

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Figure 1. The just noticeable distortion profile for the Bimba model under different circumstances. (a) and (b) show color map representing the displacement threshold in a light-independent mode with respect to a displacement in the normal direction and tangent plane respectively. (c) shows the displacement threshold according to a displacement in the normal direction in a light dependant mode.


It is common that a 3D mesh undergoes some lossy operations (e.g., compression, watermarking and transmission through noisy channels), which can introduce geometric distortions as a change in vertex position. In most cases the end users of 3D meshes are human beings; therefore, it is important to evaluate the visibility of introduced vertex displacement. In this paper we present a model for computing a Just Noticeable Distortion (JND) profile for flat-shaded 3D meshes. The proposed model is based on an experimental study of the properties of the human visual system while observing a flat-shaded 3D mesh surface, in particular the contrast sensitivity function and contrast masking. We first define appropriate local perceptual properties on 3D meshes. We then detail the results of a series of psychophysical experiments where we have measured the threshold needed for a human observer to detect the change in vertex position. These results allow us to compute the JND profile for flat-shaded 3D meshes. The proposed JND model has been evaluated via a subjective experiment, and applied to guide 3D mesh simplification as well as to determine the optimal vertex coordinates quantization level for a 3D model.


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